When she say it too big

When she say it too big


Rapier Hilts

Photo #1

  • Dated: circa 1580
  • Culture: Italian
  • Maker: Francesco Duri
  • Measurements: overall length 121 cm; blade length: 105 cm; weight: 1700 g

Photo #2

  • Dated: 1610
  • Culture: German (Dresden; blade probably Solingen)
  • Measurements: overall length 119 cm; blade length: 101 cm; weight: 1430 g

Photo #3

  • Dated: 1575
  • Culture: Austrian
  • Maker Pery Juan Pockh (Goldsmith)
  • Measurements: overall length 120.6 cm; blade length: 104.3 cm; weight: 1280 g

Photo #4

  • Dated: early 17th century
  • Culture: probably German (Munich)
  • Maker(s): Daniel Sadeler (cutler), Egidius Sedeler; Etienne Delaune
  • Measurements: overall length 118 cm; blade length: 102 cm; weight 1200 g

Source: Copyright © 2014 Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

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Waiting for my friends to come keep me company???


who is she

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theres a fucking far right dentist arguing passionately with a professor of economics about economic models on my twitter feed

stay in your fucking lane


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Kiesza - Hideaway

Baby, I love the way that there’s nothing sure
Baby, don’t stop me, hide away with me some more

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Omg this. It’s twice as bad if you’re an artist with a paint water cup. Danger at every corner.
oh god I just remembered that this is a long standing problem, used to do the exact same way back when I could be arsed painting.
Is there some therapy I can go to for this??

the amount of times I’ve almost reached over and tried to drink from the can that I dump my cigarette butts into makes me wretch

Inspecting the menu with the bae

Inspecting the menu with the bae

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